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Water is the most essential element to life and it is the most important substances on earth. Every living thing in the planet must have water to survive. Water is essential in the popular circulation of nutrients in the body. It serves as body’s transportation system.

In Nigeria today, the common medium of drinking water is the sachet water. Popularly known as “pure water”, sachets water is the cheapest and affordable form of water sold by everyone from street hawkers and shop owners and it is accessible to all.

Everyone venture into sachet water business without technically and scientifically grounded on handling and producing sachet water through storage and proper handling. Some just package untreated water in sachet and start distributing wherein endangering lives of people that may not even care to check the water they drink.

People drink water daily without checking if there’s NAFDAC approved number or expiring date and when it is over accumulated In their body system, it result to severe diseases.

The failure to provide safe pipe-borne water for human consumption by the governments, led to the production of sachet water in Nigeria. The government left the production of such water by individuals, who have little or no knowledge of producing quality water.

Professor Amobi Ilika, the director of community and public medicine at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching hospital (NAUTH), Nnewi, Anambra state, in march 2013, when in civic presentation, cautioned that sachet water exposed the drinkers to cancerous materials.

It is important for Nigerians to check properly before buying any sachet water to see if it has NAFDAC number and try as much as possible to protect themselves against unwanted diseases that may cause their lives and be mindful of the kind of water they drink.

Health is wealth!!!