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About Us



Save the consumers is a non-profit making organization (NGO) saddled with the responsibility of Enlightening the public about consumer related issues.  At save the consumers, we focus on the following

  • To protect and promote the interest of consumers 
  • To educate the consumer about Harmful product and service contents
  • To protect and enlighten consumers on the primacy of their Health
  • To promote the right of consumers for better services
  • To promote the right to consumer Education on general goods and services
  • To enlighten consumers on their rights against unfair Trade practices, restrictive trade practices and unscrupulous exploitation of consumer
  • To enlighten consumers on their right to the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standards and price of goods and service.
  • To educate consumers on the Marketing of goods and services that are Hazardous to life, health and properties of consumers
  • To promote consumers friendly activities so as to ensure better service delivery
  • To conduct seminars and discussions on important consumer issues.

 Save the consumers also launches Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on important consumer issues. Public Interest Litigation means a legal action initiated in a court of law regarding a matter of general public interest such as ban on a product injurious to public health.

We also organize campaigns on various consumer Programs to create social awareness. Also, Save The Consumers organizes training programmes for the consumers and make them conscious of their rights and modes of seeking redress over unresolved consumer issues.

Periodic publications to enlighten the consumers about various consumer related developments.

At save the consumers we equally engage government leaders in order to encourage strict regulation of product and service standards. We equally engage business people in various sectors of the economy, enlightening them about the importance of producing and offering good quality products and services to consumers.