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Amid the further spread of novel covid-19 in Nigeria it is instructive to purchase an item to be used by each household but buying beyond what you need now is quite an unacceptable and government needs to wade in as soon as possible,

Government through it agencies need to urgently come out to implement price control in all the states and local government, with the new federal competition and consumer protection commission act 2019, Government through FCCPC can regulate the price of the product.

Nigerians are used to panic buying of fuel not buying of provisions, toiletries and food items, the challenge of panic buying is the price hike that will follow it. a sanitizer that is expected to sell at #500 is now sold at #1,800, the social pressure of Covid 19 is biting harder in Nigeria that each family cannot help it when they see other people buying erratically and purchasing too much stuff, people feel like they should buy too.

According to, a lady called Bidemi said, my mother is asthmatic and I have bought 10 packs of inhaler for her just in case the situation gets worse and prices go up. at we canvass to Nigeria government to introduce a limit for purchase on fast-moving consumer goods and direct price control on hand sanitizer and face mask.

There is must be continuous education that is no reason to stockpile consumables and food supplies beyond a particular limit. We must all shop responsibly so that everyone has access to the essentials, shops in the UK such as Tesco is allowing shoppers to buy just two packs of certain items such as dried pasta, tinned tomatoes and anti-bacterial cleaning products. Sainsbury's and Asda are limiting customers to three of anyone products, controlling excessive buying in Nigeria will not be out of place in Nigeria.