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The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission is servicing the Eleven Discos at the expense of consumer which is the main aim of their establishment.

Their decision did not factor the main stakeholder which is the consumers, this reflects the insensitivity of the last four Nigeria president to the plight of Nigerians. If you ask every Nigeria the change they want to see in Nigeria, your guess is as good as mine. It will be increased in the electricity supply.

Consumers would have to pay an additional sum between N8 and N14 for every kilowatt-hour of energy that is not even available to use and most Nigerian are not metered.

Like air and water, Nigeria upon till now is taken the provision of electricity for granted.

Nigeria leaders in the past twenty years of the fourth republic have failed to achieve the most important need of Nigerians.

At save the consumers we canvass for the federal government to exclude residential home in the increment as most of the electricity infrastructure need of people are catered to by themselves, they need such as transformer, electric poles and wire among others.

Nigerians at this point do not have the purchasing power. More so the Federal Government of Nigeria through NERC and NBET controls the tariff and everything in the power sector.

All the agencies that drive the power sector are controlled by the Nigerian Government hence they should never attempt to abdicate power responsibility.

The transmission company of Nigeria is 100% owned and managed by the federal government of Nigeria and it appears to be the weakest in the Nigeria Electricity network.