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Ignore Covid-19 at Your Own Peril

Most people are still in the doubt regarding the reality of corona virus. What evidence do you want to see? The confirmed cases?  The recovery cases or the death cases? They are all in thousands. The Corona virus  is presently tormenting the most sophisticated countries and gradually creeping into the developing countries with little or no health facilities

Surprisingly, the virus started it's attack on the influential groups  of Nigeria  because of international engagements in countries with high cases of Covid-19.  Ironically,  the disease is not a respecter of your poor status nor rich status except you follow the basic rules to avoid contracting it.
The idiosyncracy of the African blood being stronger has been demystified.

Covid-19 disease is unprecedented and it has brought  several countries to an unimaginable status.

Lest it does not get to the poor in Nigeria who can not afford the test process, the ventilator among other needs.

The poor must respect and activate social distancing, hand washing, controlled sneezing and the most difficult of it, staying at home.  Though for someone who earns daily what he or she consumes,  this current debacle has become an aberration.

But we are all in this quagmire, lets defeat corona virus, by staying at home for some weeks.
Lets abide to avoid Covid-19 Fatality. The Nigeria economy is in shambles already.