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The gas cylinder is used in many homes, schools, hotels and different places where humans reside. In as much as the gas is used in cooking and in factory work, it is equally dangerous when poorly managed.

Gas cylinders if poorly managed has the capacity of destroying human life and materials.

Today we will be focusing on gas cylinders used for home cooking.

Many Nigerian homes use gas cylinders for their cooking activities. But how the cylinder is managed is dependent on the information available to the consumer.

Today we want to give you tips which will help you in properly managing your gas systems.

1.) Always ensure that your cylinder is kept bout side the house. Do not put the cylinder inside the kitchen.

2.) Ensure that the cylinder is approved by SON.

3.) Ensure that the hose are industry standard and approved by SON.

4.) Also ensure that the regulator is approved by SON.

5.) Always inspect your gas system before use to ensure that there are no leakages.

6.) Ensure that only certified gas technicians handle your gas supply and connection.

7.) Don't leave children to handle the gas.

8.) Always turn the regulator off, when the gas isn't in use.

9.) Area where gas is in use should be properly ventilated.

10.) Always check the nobs in the burner.

11.) If you perceive gas leaks, please do not touch anything. If the cylinder is outside the building find a way to get to it and turn off the regulator. Immediately call fire experts.

If you have further questions about how to handle your gas systems, feel free to communicate with us, We are here for you.